Our Story

Spura Home is a brand of life, passion, and beauty- one that values uniqueness, culture, and international spirit

The Spura Home mission comes from the beautiful blend of cultures between the two owners, husband and wife Sudhir and Anmol, who are as opposite as two people can be.

The family brand started many decades ago with Anmol’s grandfather, who was the premiere bridalwear designer in India, where the popular “boho” style was originated. His family brought the unique style and fashion to the industry that was passed down to Anmol and is the inspiration for her incredibly creative details. Sudhir was also raised in the textile industry, working in his parents’ factory which led to him owning his own factory to produce high-quality rugs and mats.

While the heritage of both individuals originates in the land of India, only Sudhir was actually born and raised there, while Anmol grew up here in the States, in New Jersey. The traditional cultural Indian values of Sudhir create the grounded, authentic designs and quality of the products of Spura Home, while Anmol’s modern, American upbringing adds the bright, dazzling colors and textures. Together, the two have produced a brand full of culture, style, and heritage.

Although their backgrounds and personalities are like yin and yang, their values and company mission are united. Spura Home strives to provide their customers with unique and gorgeous products that are true to the styles and designs being produced in India. In fact, all of the pieces are manufactured in India’s hub of textiles, that Anmol visits regularly.