About Spura Home

Why We do it....?
We love designing flooring! Especially for the bathroom... like they say... some of life's most important decisions are made there. :)

How We do it?
All of our creative designing is done in our office in New Jersey. Believing that there is "fashion for your home". Once designed our production is all handcrafted in Panipat, India. We take pride in our work and our work ethics. Our custom made rugs are then brought over and stored in-house at our facility in East Brunswick, NJ.

Where can you buy our products?
We have great friends that are stockists our online partners, at trade shows and of course on our site!

Who are we?
Sudhir: Thinker on the "Throne"
Anmol: Restless Energy
Victoria: vikkipedia
Bobby:  SHOOT, edit, POST
Ahaana & Avvin: Young designers and  our inspiration behind "navilla kitar"